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Joni Madden goes Country

Joni & Band kehrt zu ihren Wurzeln zurück - eine aufregende Mischung aus selbstgemachten und traditionellen Country Rock Songs.


Joni & Band goes back to the roots. An exciting mixture of selfmade and traditional Country Rock Songs.

  • Band: (von li nach re)
    Markus Marageter (Organ & Banjo), Markus Fahrenberger (Fiddle), Andy Cutic (Guitars & Backing Vocal), Joni Madden (The Voice), Gitti Recher (Backing Vocal), Uschi Hollauf (Backing Vocal), Tom Hirschler (Drums), Bertl Pistracher (Bass)
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Contact and Booking:

Andy Cutic
Rosette Andaystrasse 25 ● 3021 Pressbaum, Austria
phone: +43 680 30 70 689 ● eMail: office@jonimadden.com
Last Change: 06.09.2020

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